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Welcome to MultiMAME's homepage.

MultiMAME is a command line application which makes multiple emulators and/or subset of games look like a single emulator.

This is what some call 'middleware' to describe tools and applications which go between an emulator and a frontend.

What is a emulator? I specifically mean arcade emulators.

What is an arcade emulator? A program which acts like the hardware for an old arcade machine (think pacman, tempest, ect) and allows you to run the original game on your computer. MAME - Multi Arcade Machine Emulator is the biggest of them all. MAMEs Homepage

What is a frontend? A frontend is program that usually looks nice, and allows you to easily pick what game you want to run, then launches MAME. I'm worried specifically about the frontends which are designed to work in an converted arcade machine where you would only have a joystick and a few buttons and can't type "mame 720<enter>" and you need some help.

FrontEnd compatibility:

Mamewah - no problem
Mala - no problem
AtomicFE - slight problem. You need to use the next -createfakes option which will create a rom directory and fill it with fake rom zip files. AtomicFE uses the rom directory instead of the -listxml (or combination) to get the game lists.


  • Works with any frontend which receives data from MAME's -listxml feature
  • Works with cat32.ini style files (NPlayers.ini and Rankings.ini also tested)
  • Easy XML configuration
  • Only stores necessary information to launch game for smaller files and quicker launch times
  • Multiple command lines which can help see all unique properties and all values for any property
  • Finally be able to configure all your street fighter games once to have all your button 1-3 on top and 4-6 on bottom without touching the configuration of your other games.
  • Remove all games that don't work from your frontend with easy
  • Remove all games you can't play because of the controls with easy.
  • Remove all clones, but those who play better then the parent roms (or just the ones you like better)
  • Tested with Zinc, daphne, aae and more to come.
  • Load xml files (instead of -listxml)
  • Command Line applications support!
  • -listinfo support!
  • -listxml - original format support!

NOTE: New version! (.07)

  • Add AtomicFE support (by adding the ability to create a fake roms directory.)
  • Added -listinfo support! Get those classic old frontends out
  • Added -listxml support! (ok, had that, but now there is the old style xml file). Get those someone classic oldish frontends out!

NOTE: New version! (.072)

  • Small logic fix to allow mutiple parameters to work again (opps)
  • Stopped sending additional parameters through to mame (I dont use this, and it killed GameEX from working. Let me know if you want this, I might be able to skill just the rom directory (which is what caused problems).
  • Recompiled WITHOUT debug test launching zaxxon with arguments…

NOTE: New version! (.073)

  • Another opps… Case where you could have the same game run twice if its name was found in two filters… Hopefully this fixes it…
  • Also quickly fixed a bug allowing multimame to wait until daphne has finished. (yeah)….

NOTE: Requires .net 2.0 or above.

MultiMAME version .073
ZiNc v1.1.dat

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