Applications can now be launched by allowing the directory and executable elements in the Emulator.xml file to be swapped per game.


Notice, I'm using the MameParser, but with the ParserArguments (to load the xml by, instead of from -listxml).
Also, the directory and executable are in {} so they will be swapped out with a property of the same name for each game.

There is one rule for this. If the Directory has a {} in it, then the ParserArguments MUST be present, and it MUST be a full path to the file, no relative paths!

Now, whats next? The commands.xml file. (*note, this file can be named anything! It's just what we have in the Emulators.xml file*)

<mame build="none" debug="no">
  <game name="timebreak">
    <directory>C:\Program Files\Alawar\TimeBreaker\</directory>
    <description>Time Breaker</description>
    <display type="raster" rotate="0" width="640" height="480" refresh="60" />
    <sound channels="1"/>
    <input players="1" buttons="1">
      <control type="trackball"/>
    <driver status="good"/>

Notice that this could be just the name, directory and executable. But I want the frontends to see a description, year, manufacturer ect so that it can sort / filter ect. But the minimum is all MultiMAME needs to run.

Then last… We need to add a filter to add the games. A standard add everything is fine here since we are adding to the command.xml… chances are we don't want to filter any… but we could…


Good luck! And if anyone wants a setup for a specific game, just let me know. (assuming I can download it and test that is)

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