Daphne Support

I just got Daphne working *(version 99.6 tested).

This was by hand creating a .dat file. Here is the info needed to get it working.

      <Executable>daphne.exe </Executable>
      <Arguments>{launch} vldp -fullscreen -framefile {frame}</Arguments>

This uses the DATParser, and then gets additional information from MAME (but this is a good thing so you don't have dlair in mame and lair in daphne).

The {launch} and {frame} come from the .dat file.

The CopyPropertiesFrom will get the additional properties from MAME and add it to what you we will add to the dat file.

Next I added all the daphne games after the mame games in the Filters.xml


Last… the .dat file….

I added a

game (
  name dlair
  launch lair
  frame e:\emul\daphne\framefile\lair_dvdrom.txt

The name is the MAME name for the game (yes, they have one for almost all if not all of the games… if there isn't one, just use Daphne's)

Next, launch… This is the name that daphne needs on the command line. You can get a full list from the daphne wiki site. (search for command line stuff). Here is the current link, not sure how long it will be alive - Daphne Command Line Arguments

Next, frame… This is the location of the frame file. This can be either a full path or relative path.

Next, reparse (MultiMAME -parse) and try launching (MultiMAME dlair). Notice that you launch the MAME version of the name.

NOTE: I added my own daphne.dat file. But I don't have all (ok, even most) of the laserdisk files.


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