Configuration Emulators.xml

The Emulators.xml is where you configure your emulators you want MultiMAME to be able to run.

The default is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Emulators xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
      <ParserArguments>ZiNc v1.1.dat</ParserArguments>

This will setup two Emulators, MAME and Zinc. You can add as many emulators as you want.

<Name> - The internal name you want to call the emulator. This is used in the Filters.xml file
<Parser> - The name of the parser. Currently there are three possiblities.
"MameParser" - For MAME's -listxml additions
"DATParser" - For clrmamepro's DAT files
"ZINCParser" - For Zinc - This uses both a DATParser AND then parses the —list-games to get the current number for each game.
<ParserArguments> - This is for the file name of the .dat file. This is used for DATParser and ZINCParser. The file should be in the emulator directory.
<Directory> - This is the directory that the emulator is in. Please add an extra slash at the end.
<Executable> - The emulators executable file.
<Arguments> - This is the list of default arguments that will launch the emulator. This will be combined with any arguments specified in the filters (more on that in Filters). Also, any value in { } will be replaced with the property from the game. You can get a list of all valid and current properties by running the "MultiMAME -listproperties" command.
<INIFiles>This is a list of ini files (Cat32 style). This has been tested with nplayers and others also.
<CopyPropertiesFrom> - This will copy all the properties in like named games from another emulator (the emulator name in <NAME>. This was really added since MAME had a lot of good information on Zinc games, but I didn't want to add/modify the information into the dat file.

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